Our Client Fleets

We work with private and public fleets of all sizes operating cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, crossovers, class 7&8 trucks and equipment from light duty to heavy duty, from passenger to industrial transport. Many of the vehicles that we put into service are 'work' vehicles with additional equipment requirements beyond that which is available as factory options. We take to time to understand individual needs and structure a program to help reach your goals and objectives.

Whether purchasing or leasing your vehicles and equipment, we will help you with acquisition cost control and cost advantages, provide you with order-to-delivery management and for our finance and lease clients, work with you on funding, credit lines, rates, terms and residuals.


Total Fleet


Class 1-6 Light & Medium Duty Up to 26,000 GVWR

Class 7-9 Heavy Duty over 26,000 GVWR 

Non-Automotive Transport and Equipment

Whether you operate a single type of vehicle or a mixed fleet, we will help you define and execute an acquisition, disposition and replacement plan customized to your needs.


Total Value


We are experts at vehicle acquisition and lifecycle management including cost control, cost advantages, order-to-delivery management, and cash flow structure whether purchasing or leasing. We enable higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness end-to-end, allowing your company to focus its energy and efforts on your core business while benefiting from ours.

We partner with our clients to simplify and streamline processes, saving them time, effort and costs, from order to delivery and ultimately disposing of and replacing vehicles. As a fleet continues to grow and evolve the value provided by partnering with Mid South Fleet Management grows as well.